Why Dirty Air Filters Hinder Your HVAC System

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    Although an air filter is one of the least expensive accessories of a HVAC system, it has a lot of influence over home energy efficiency and equipment longevity. The effects of a dirty air filter start in the air handler, can extend into the ductwork, and the outdoor unit.

    A clogged filter can have these consequences:

    • HIGHER ENERGY BILLS. As dust builds on the filter, the airflow slows going through the indoor unit. It will not only make the system run harder, but will take longer for your HVAC system to condition your home, increases energy costs. The rate of air blowing through the ductwork will be lower, and your rooms will stay stuffy longer. Dust covering the indoor coil will act as insulation, hindering the heat exchange process that’s essential to air conditioning.
    • DIRTY DUCTWORK. Running your system with a dirty filter can deposit dust inside your ductwork that can degrade indoor air quality. If you feel you are sneezing and sniffling more than normal, it may be time to check those filters. Bacterial growth can accumulate in the ducts, as can pollen, irritating anyone with sensitivities to the particles. Bacterial growth does not diminish on its own, so it’s best to have a certified HVAC technician take a look at the ductwork. Rest assured if bacterial growth had developed in your home, Pickett has the indoor air quality solutions to eliminate the problem.
    • MECHANICAL PROBLEMS. One of the most serious effects of a dirty air filter is dust covering the indoor coil inside the air handler in the cooling mode. When dust covers this coil, the refrigerant circulating through it can’t pick up as much heat from your home’s air, compromising the cooling process. The humidity in the air condenses and immediately freezes on the coil as the air blows over it. If the thermostat doesn’t turn the system off as the frost grows, the refrigerant returning to the compressor can irreparably damage it. The compressor is the most expensive part of your HVAC system, and your home will be uncomfortable until the repairs can be made.

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    August 3, 2016