Get Your Heater Ready for Cold Weather

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    Pickett Heating and Air knows we are breathing a sigh of relief with the recent cooling off the Houston area has experienced. The last thing you may be considering is when to turn on your heater. However, you want to get your heater ready for cold weather now, before you actually need it. By taking a few steps ahead of time and working with your Pickett Heating and Air team, your home can be ready to be cozy when that first cold front hits the Gulf Coast.

    1. Routine maintenance ­– If you cannot remember the last time you had a routine check of your heater, now is the time to call our Pickett team. Any large system in your home needs to be checked one to two times a year to make sure everything is functioning well, and that your home is safe from any potential hazards. By using Pickett Heating and Air, you can ensure great service and expert work.

    2. Check for leaks – This is the largest concern when running a heater for prolonged periods of time. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious danger to your family and pets and can lead to hospitalization or death if not addressed. Your heater can be very safe, if it is kept up properly. Checking the system for leaks now, before you are running the heat every day, will keep everyone in good health.

    3. Cleaning your system – By taking the time to clean your heating system, including your duct work, you will benefit in two ways. First, you will save money because your overall system can run more efficiently without having to compensate for running air through dirt, dust, and grime. Second, you will be breathing cleaner air as there are less particles to be picked up along the way.

    4. Replace your filter – You may not realize how much time has passed since you last replaced your filter or it may stay on your to-do list and never quite make it to the top. Either way, go ahead and make sure your filter is clean and ready to catch everything you don’t want entering your heating and cooling system. You can write the date on the filter or set a reminder in your phone for when you need to change it next.

    5. Clear your vents – While some homes have the vents in the ceilings, other designs have vents in the walls or even in the floors. Make sure these vents are clear of clutter or furniture that may hinder or completely block airflow. While you are at it, dust them off with a rag or hand broom to knock off any extra debris.

    6. Set your comfort zone – Consider a programmable thermostat if you haven’t already to help keep your home running efficiently, even in the colder months. By leaning on technology, you can plug into your thermostat while you are away and make sure your home is toasty and warm before you get back from running errands, shopping, or grabbing a bite to eat.

    Call Pickett Heating and Air to set an appointment for maintenance and to double check your heater. Members of our VIP Club have free routine checks and no extra charge for night, weekend, or holiday emergency calls. Let Pickett Heating and Air take care of your heating needs across the greater Houston area through the entire winter season and beyond.

    September 27, 2021