Fix Your Home’s Air Flow with an AC Duct Inspection

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    Down here in the South, we rely on our HVAC systems. Alright, truth is we rely on the AC portion of our HVAC systems more than the heating portion, recent winter storms excluded. Because of our reliance on the cool air AC brings to our home or businesses, we can tell when something isn’t working right. Despite adjusting the temperature and feeling the vents, you may know that your AC needs help. Pickett Heating and Air can step in and assist, to fix your air flow.

    How does the system work?

    In simplest terms, your AC works by taking in air, running it through a cooling system, and circulating that air back through your home or business to bring it as close to your desired temperature as possible. This air travels through the building via ducts. These ducts are fairly durable but could get damaged or wear out over time. Additionally, there are contact points where the ducts meet between sections or where they connect to the main system where gaps could occur.

    What could cause the flow to slow?

    There could be gaps all along your duct work making it difficult to pinpoint where the issue is. Not only does each connection provide a point where air flow could be escaping uselessly into your attic, but there could be tears and rips along the duct themselves. Even homemade repairs by a previous homeowner or tenant, obvious with duct tape, could be leaking air as duct tape doesn’t seal as well as you may believe. Additionally, dust and dirt that constantly circulates through our homes could get caught in the system causing the flow to be hindered. If your home, attic, or duct work isn’t insulated properly, it could be overcompensating for extreme temperatures making the air you are pushing through your home the wrong temperature.

    How do I fix the problem?

    There are so many factors that could contribute to your air flow and HVAC issues. The leak, clog, or other issue isn’t always detectible with a quick glance from the small attic crawl space you can access. This is where Pickett Heating and Air steps in, with a full AC Duct Inspection and the repairs you may need to fix your home’s air flow. There are so many different places where a leak or other problem could occur within the ducts that run through your home or business, so it’s best to leave it to our professional team. Our technicians are trained to evaluate the system in your home or business and to fix it, correctly, so you can resume your day-to-day in the cool environment you crave.

    Pickett Heating and Air offers an AC Duct Leak Test for $189. We’ll tell you if your air duct system has any leaks and make recommendations to repair it.

    Scheduling your HVAC system for a full inspection with Pickett Heating and Air is an investment in your home or business and in your overall comfort. We can make sure your system is running efficiently and save you money by repairing any blockage or tears that are wasting energy in many ways. Our VIP Club members have the benefit of a full inspection every year, and we can schedule an appointment for any new clients to get their HVAC back on track.

    August 27, 2021