Save Money on Air Conditioning This Summer

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    One of our favorite responses in Texas, to many questions like “How is it going?” or “What’s going on?” seems to be “It’s hot.” While it may feel like a weird response, it’s a great way for any of us to commiserate in the summertime temperatures. Along with the heat, and increasing reliance on our coveted air conditioning systems comes worries about the rising electric bill that will follow at the end of each month. Pickett Heating & Air has a few tips on saving money while staying cool.

    Seal Up the Cracks

    It doesn’t do any good for you to run your air conditioning on full blast if every bit is going to escape through the space between your doors, windows, fireplace, and other nooks and crannies. In older homes especially, it pays to invest in a few upgrades to increase the efficiency of your home. Even if you aren’t ready for new windows and upgrades, you can ask for an audit from a certified home energy rater or try to seal these spots yourself with caulk and insulation. Don’t forget the fireplace and attic doors, both of which are rarely used, but may need to be addressed.

    Check Your Thermostat

    Changing out for a new smart thermostat doesn’t just give you cool, pun intended, features, but it also provides an easier way for you to manage your home’s energy usage. With easy access from internet-connected devices, you can adjust to less air conditioning in certain parts of the day. Make sure you place your thermostat on a wall that isn’t in direct sunlight for the entire day, or it will kick on more than necessary, causing your air to run longer. It goes without saying that running your air conditioner on a warmer temperature will save you money in the long run, but just how much can that impact your bank account. According to Cnet, by adjusting your temperature to a higher ten degrees for 8 hours a day, you can save 10% over the course of a year. Every little bit helps though, so see what works for you.

    Extra Efforts

    There are other ways we can cool down our home without even touching our thermostat. Closing your blinds or drawing curtains can insulate your home keeping warm sunlight out and keeping cool air in. If you enjoy natural sunlight during your day, consider closing the blinds during the warmest parts of the day or on the windows that are getting the most direct sunlight, relying on the other windows for less heat. We also love our fans down here in the south, whether a ceiling fan or otherwise. By circulating the air in the room, you can easily cool down your space, allowing you to nudge your thermostat a bit higher.

    In addition to these great ways to save money, if your air conditioner is in need of service, it may not be running efficiently enough to properly cool your home. By calling on Pickett Heating & Air, or joining our VIP Club for regular maintenance, we can check over your system and give our expert advice on what you may need. A top-off of coolant, a cleaning, or servicing may give you a little boost, allowing your home to be the perfect temperature for the remaining summer months. To learn more, contact us to see how we can help.

    July 24, 2021