Tips for Maintaining Your HVAC

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    Air conditioning in the south is non-negotiable. So much so that some larger homes need more than one unit to keep the climate manageable throughout the house. Since the HVAC system is so crucial, Pickett Heating and Air understands that you need everything operating in top shape. There are a few ways you can help your system run better to keep you and your family cool.

    Change Your Air Filter

    Can you remember the last time you changed the filter for your system? If the answer is no, or you didn’t even know this was a needed task, it may be time to go ahead and swap that out. You will need to make sure to purchase the right size and look for a quality filter that will meet your home’s needs. Homes with pets or that run their air conditioning frequently will need to change out their air filter more often. We recommend anywhere between 3-12 months, so make a reminder on your calendar or your phone to check the filter again soon.

    Check What You Can     

    From dusting or vacuuming your registers to keeping an eye on the lines outside, there are a few places you can keep an eye out for potential issues. Anytime a register is blocked, by something as simple as dust or as large as furniture or décor, your HVAC system has to work harder to get past that space. Additionally, there are lines going from the outside of the home to the compressor that you can monitor for leaks or weaknesses. If you notice an issue, give us a call.

    Clear Away Debris

    In order to cool air, your HVAC system needs to take air in and blow air out. This happens in a number of different places, but homeowners sometimes forget about this fact at the compressor. To allow for adequate airflow for your outdoor compressor to work properly, we recommend 2-3 feet of space around the entire compressor and 5 feet of clearance above. While we know you are tempted to hide the compressor, it still needs some space. Also, check your compressor regularly for fallen leaves, branches, or other debris that may cause damage.

    Control Your Temperature

    Investing in a smart thermostat is a great way to get a better sense of how well your HVAC system is doing. This data can help you understand how efficiently your HVAC system is working, and if you need one of our experienced technicians to come out for help. Even if you don’t have a smart thermostat, paying attention to your setting and adjusting it as needed can help you get a better sense of the system’s work. If your thermostat is kept on a wall with direct sunlight, you may ask our Pickett Heating and Air team about moving it to a better spot.

    Clean Air Ducts

    Letting professionals clean your air ducts on a regular basis reduces the dust that would otherwise circulate in your house in addition to allergens and irritants that can be affecting the quality of air in your home. Regularly cleaning your air ducts can also improve the efficiency of your system and allow for easier airflow. While cleaning your air ducts, we can also inspect them. By having your air ducts regularly inspected, we can identify leaks in your ductwork that cause your system to work harder than it should, which can help you to avoid having to replace one or more components sooner than expected, ultimately saving you money.

    Call for Help

    This one sounds a little more dramatic than it is, although your system going out on certain days will feel like a huge emergency. At the end of the day, your HVAC system is complicated and needs an expert’s help from time to time to keep up with the needs of your home. Even tasks that sound simple, like cleaning or bending fan blades back into shape can be done quickly and efficiently by our team. You can rely on our professionals that will ensure it is done right. One of the best parts of our VIP Club membership is the twice a year tune-ups we provide for your HVAC system; this keeps you ahead of the game of any issues that may pop up in the summer months. If something does go wrong, with your membership you can call us any time weekends and holidays included.

    To sign up for our VIP Club and get a full tune-up on your HVAC system or for us to see how we can improve another aspect of the heating and cooling in your home, contact us today. Our professional experts will get you taken care of so you can beat the heat in your favorite rooms throughout your house.

    July 13, 2021